My So-Called Vagina

**Story time**

Today was a reminder as to why I wear tshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Had an outfit planned for said interview and thought it would be fine.

Well, I put on clothes…awful. And the process continued after few more changes. Got outfit on finally, dreadful still, but fine, done! On to my hair. Ah yeah, mousse it up and be done. Oh, cock!!! Hair, top super heavy, rubbish!! Throw some bobby pins in…hate it, but I move on. Ah, lastly, makeup. Easy peasy aaaand then I poke both eyeballs with mascara.

I recover and planned to sit down and smoke a cig before I leave. I walk passed the clock….. IS IT REALLY 3:00?!??! As I question in panic. ‘J’ said yep, its 3, why? My interview is at 3!!!!! I stand frozen in disbelief of my absolute moronic moment.

I decided to hop in the car and head that way. The whole way Im talking to myself saying, “Sable, you fucking idiot!!!” “What is wrong with meeee??!” And as Im scolding myself…GPS, turn this way, turn that way….where you just fucking came from!!!! At last, I found the place, apologized for lateness. Interview went well, very comfortable, made them chuckle a couple times, shocking I know. And now I wait.

Finally, I concluded my completely awful excursion and my ass is planted. I shouldnt be allowed to be a girl. Sure, I had the girl moments of hating everything, etc. All of this reminded me why I stay in tshirt and jeans. It takes 10 mins if that to get ready on normal days. But once I have to girl it up, im in a vagina trance and take waaay too long to get ready. And why do I have a vagina?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤔

Published by Sable

I wasn't born with a handbook so I don't conform to basic thoughts and ideas. Question everything; I won't be crippled by brainwashed rules or beliefs.

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