State out of Mind


Hoosiers. Corn. Basketball. Football….  GARBAGE.

Well, I have a lot I could say about Indiana. But, I won’t waste ALL of your time. 

     Indiana is probably the most backwards state in the U.S.! They recently made CBD oil illegal, yet all of the other 49 states still have it legal. That right there should show how fucking stupid Indiana really is. Oh yes, lets make CBD oil illegal, even though you dont get a high from and is very beneficial to a lot of people! Well, something that helps and isnt harmful, oh shit, make that illegal right now!!

Yet, Heroin and other hard drugs that are oh, I dont know, actually fucking killing people, keep getting worse. Taking CBD away is just going to make more hard drug users come around. Yep, makes perfect fucking sense Indiana! 

Soon we will have to rename our state to “In’die’ana” because people will start dying more and more. Sure, maybe it wont be that intense, but you never know. Welcome to In’die’ana, where people come to die! 

Now, with CBD oil being illegal, pot being legalized here will be a fucking joke! We wont be the last state to legalize it. No, we will be the ONLY state to NEVER legalize it!!!! 

I knew Indiana was backwards, but they have taken it to a whole new level! 

More like “Graveyard of America.” A black hole where everything comes to die because Indiana fucking sucks! 👍🏻