What about your tattoos when you get older?!

Two words: Piss off!!

It kills me when somebody says stuff about tattoos. Like the, “what will you do when you get older?” Ummm, wrinkly or saggy, Im gonna still love my fuckin tattoos man!

Tattoos arent as frowned upon as it used to be, but there are still people that will judge. Or they will look or stare. Sure, there may be some offensive or obscene tattoos, but if its not on your body, fuck off!

Whats the meaning of your tattoos? 

Tattoos dont need to have a meaning! Its awesome if they do have a meaning, but I think it’s beautiful artwork to show off. If a person like it enough to get it tattooed, they obviously just like it. People seem to just need a meaning for everything. Just let shit flow and go with it! There are so many other things in the fucked up world to worry about!

Some of my tattoos….

I love colors! I want bright, pretty colors. With such a dark mind, showing colors on the outside makes it nice.